Fixtures List

Teams may substitute any number of their players between downs; this “platoon” system replaced the original system, which featured limited substitution rules, and has resulted in teams utilizing specialized offensive, defensive and special teams squads.

2023-09-08 19:00:0008/09/2023 RK DOBOVA vs RK JERUZALEM ORMOŽ 19:00:0019:00
2023-09-17 20:00:0017/09/2023 ŠRD ŠKOFLJICA vs RK DOBOVA 20:00:0020:00Recap
2023-09-22 19:00:0022/09/2023 RK DOBOVA vs RK TRIMO TREBNJE 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-09-30 19:00:0030/09/2023 RK SVIŠ IVANČNA GORICA vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-10-07 19:00:0007/10/2023 RK DOBOVA vs MRK LJUBLJANA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-10-14 19:00:0014/10/2023 RD RIKO RIBNICA vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-10-21 19:00:0021/10/2023 RK DOBOVA vs RK CELJE PIVOVARNA LAŠKO 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-10-28 18:00:0028/10/2023 RK GORENJE VELENJE vs RK DOBOVA 18:00:0018:00Recap
2023-11-10 19:00:0010/11/2023 RK DOBOVA vs RD KOPER 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-11-18 19:00:0018/11/2023 RK DOBOVA vs RK SLOVENJ GRADEC 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-12-02 19:00:0002/12/2023 MRK KRKA vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-12-09 19:00:0009/12/2023 RK DOBOVA vs RD URBANSCAPE LOKA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2023-12-16 18:30:0016/12/2023 RD LL GROSIST SLOVAN vs RK DOBOVA 18:30:0018:30Recap
2024-02-03 19:00:0003/02/2024 RK JERUZALEM ORMOŽ vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-02-10 19:00:0010/02/2024 RK DOBOVA vs ŠRD ŠKOFLJICA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-02-17 19:00:0017/02/2024 RK TRIMO TREBNJE vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-02-23 19:00:0023/02/2024 RK DOBOVA vs RK SVIŠ IVANČNA GORICA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-03-02 19:00:0002/03/2024 MRK LJUBLJANA vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-03-09 19:00:0009/03/2024 RK DOBOVA vs RD RIKO RIBNICA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-03-23 18:00:0023/03/2024 RK CELJE PIVOVARNA LAŠKO vs RK DOBOVA 18:00:0018:00Recap
2024-04-13 19:00:0013/04/2024 RD KOPER vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-04-20 19:00:0020/04/2024 RK SLOVENJ GRADEC vs RK DOBOVA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-04-26 19:00:0026/04/2024 RK DOBOVA vs MRK KRKA 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-05-03 19:00:0003/05/2024 RK DOBOVA vs RK GORENJE VELENJE 19:00:0019:00Recap
2024-05-25 19:00:0025/05/2024 RK DOBOVA vs RD LL GROSIST SLOVAN 19:00:0019:00Recap